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We are an international community that creates and critiques, laughs and thinks, dances and tries to change the world. Our aim is to create and facilitate intelligent popular culture, and incisive commentary on it. For the Popular Culture Collective, there is no arbitrary separation of theory and production, creativity and critique.

Our members make music and write about it, take photographs and think about image literacy, make films and ponder how to link cinema with a desire for social change. We are fans of sport, but also affirm the importance of organizational change. We also have a belief in education, in going out into the world and talking about the politics of pop. We are interested in city cultures, music, fashion, design, sound and vision. We also believe in strategic interventions in policy and critical thinking about popular culture. Critical literacies and proactive initiatives in digitization, citizenship and access are important to the work that we do.

We do not celebrate popular culture. We think about popular culture and build creative alliances. Particularly, the PCC intervenes in the mediocre and the banal, to ask all who are involved in popular culture — audiences, teachers, policy makers, journalists, writers and researchers — to think critically and tactically about the standards and values of our lives.

The Popular Culture Collective is a community of film makers, musicians, web builders, designers, writers, researchers and teachers who wish to create thinking — and thoughtful — popular culture.


  • To encourage the study of popular culture
  • To create world-leading research and writing in popular culture
  • To build a community of members who write, teach, learn and create together
  • To establish a career trajectory and network of support for members
  • To forge links between the Popular Culture Collective, the community we serve, and other cultural and creative organisations.